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It’s me, Adam! I’m a BAFTA award winning sound designer, musician and all-round audio meddler, with over 12 years of industry experience making noises for games. I’ve worked with world-renown companies and a whole host of exceptional indie developers.

I’m drawn to projects that are unique, playful, quirky or drenched in atmosphere, and I’m here to make incredible audio for you!


Here are some things I made earlier…

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture - The Chinese Room

Lead audio design on the unique narrative indie game, focusing on creating an immersive, detailed and emotive world to explore and inhabit. The game used procedural audio techniques to create evolving ambiences and soundscapes to adapt to the non-linear storytelling design.

Dialogue was recorded on a sound stage with the actors working together to capture natural and emotive performances outside of the recording booth.

Awards and Nominations -

BAFTA Game Awards:
Audio Achievement (Won)
Music (Won)
Performance (Won)

Develop Awards:
Audio Accomplishment (Won)

Game Audio Network Guild Awards:
Audio Of The Year (Nomination)
Music Of The Year (Nomination)
Sound Design Of The Year (Nomination)
Best Mix (Nomination)
Best Interactive Score (Nomination)
Best Dialog (Nominaton)

Game Developers Choice Awards:
Best Audio (Nomination)

TIGA Games Industry Awards:
TIGA Audio Design Award (Nomination)

In-house projects…


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